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How to be Sled Sick

An instructional video for Sled Skiers.

Sunday Night Schooners

Heading to Boston Pizza for some big beers.

Learning to Wingsuit

Erik Roner teaches me some wingsuiting tips in an overly long, poorly edited video.


The Under Armour MTN series videos were produced by an outside company and I just happened to be captured in a few of these great        videos.

UA MTN Part 1

Some Product testing to begin the shoot.

UA MTN Part 2

Having to help more than shoot forces me to go on strike.

UA MTN Part 3

The trip was too long. Things got weird.


Awesome Snowmobiling 14

Progressing the progression of Snowmobiling with Riley Leboe and Reed Speedman.

The Magic Behind the Magic

An awesome video by Lynsey Dyer.

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